During this part of the professional training you will be immersed in a world of various techniques and materials to build realistic natural environments.

Our experienced instructors will guide you extensively as you explore different techniques to create rocks and rock formations. In addition, you will receive a detailed explanation about the different types of polyester and resins that can be used for casting and processing landscape elements.

The course also focuses on creating various landscapes, including snow scenes, forest landscapes, desert scenes, jungle scenes and water scenes. You will learn how to use different artificial plants and materials to enrich these environments and bring them to life.

In addition, the principles of making various bases are introduced, as well as basic woodworking techniques to create unique and sturdy bases for landscape design.

How does a course day look like?

Each day starts with a class in which you will be taught some theory and how to use this in your taxidermy-practice. Despite being primarily a practical training you do need to bring a notebook. At the end of the course there will be an exam which may give you a certificate. During this class you will also see a demonstration.

After the class and demonstration you can work on your own projects for the rest of the day. During this your trainer will be present and will guide you through the taxidermy process at hand.  This guidance you can ask for but will also be given to you unrequested if the trainer thinks it would be beneficial to your work.

There are no set coffee. This does not comply with the nature of taxidermy-work as breaks are not always possible during the flow of your work.

Coffee/Tea are provided but of course you are always allowed to bring your own lunch. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted as are drugs of any kind. Smoking is allowed outside on a designated area of the premises.

The day starts at 08:30 and your trainer will be there until 5 pm. On request and If possible you will be able to work in the evening as well.

The institute can provide you with a list of facilities where you can stay and/or have dinner.

Costs of the training

€1203,95 incl. VAT / €995,00 excl. VAT


Apply by sending an email to info@eitt.nl.