In this 4-day workshop you will learn to make a life size Alpine marmot under the guidance of an award-winning Taxidermist.

During the workshop you will gain insight into the anatomy of the (Alpine) marmot, so that you can make a correct preparation. It is explained how the PU shape should be viewed in order to adjust it if necessary, so that the anatomy of the marmot remains intact and the muscles are adjusted correctly. In addition, an explanation is given about skin preparation, different sewing techniques, the use of artificial ears and artificial noses, placement and modeling of the eyes.

To finish the preparation you have made, after the drying process of a number of weeks, you will receive an explanation about the use of the airbrush and the structure of the colors to bring the preparation back to life.

There is plenty of room for personal attention, because we work in small groups.

* The price includes: professionally tanned Alpine marmot skin, PU form, all necessary materials for making the preparation.

**If you wish, you can bring your own skin to make.

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€795,00 incl. VAT / €657,02 excl. VAT